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Orang-utans (Mother and baby)


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Nothing is more devasting than the current plight of the wild orangutan. Perhaps this mother is wondering why? Detailed and realistic.
5.4cm (H)

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Please visit the Australian Orangutan Project (www.orangutan.org.au) and help save an orangutan.

The Female Orangutan figurine is sculpted in a sitting pose and features a moveable arm which allows her to be interactive with her Young Orangutan. Featuring thick, detailed hair, this orangutan figurine is completed with a hand-painted finish.

The Orangutan Young is sculpted in a playful sitting pose, with one arm raised up. This pose allows it to be interactive with the Female Orangutan. It has textured hair, large glossy eyes and has been completed with a hand-painted finish.


5.4 h when the movable arm is down.

Baby is 4.5 from raised armSchleich_Orangutan_young_14776__31108.1491458530




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