Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Sandtopia aims to have orders sent out as soon as possible, usually within five working days of receiving your payment. Postage within Australia then takes about two to 10 working days depending on where you live. If your order is urgent, please select express postage at checkout.

Is it safe to use my credit card on you site?

Yes! We offer Paypal for all payment options. We dont not accept offline credit card payments (ie: over the phone or by email for your security).

I placed my order however it came up with a postage error and now I can’t retreive my order.

If this happens it generally means that your order has exceeded Australia Post’s weight limits (generally if you are ordering kits and sandtray equipment) or if Australia Post is offline. Simply email us with your difficulty and we can always complete a manual order for you.

My postage fee seems very expensive?

Occassionally this happens and it is because Australia Post use cubic measurements when determining costs which can be vastly inaccurate particulalry for remote areas.  Our policy is that we do not profit from postage fees and as such if we receive an order with postage rates in excess of actual costs, a refund for the excess fee is made. If you have questions or concerns please email us.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes we do. Shipping from Australia to overseas can be more expensive than expected and depends on the number of items ordered. Orders are generally sent registered and express post taking approximately 10 to 15 days to arrive. We generally try to place a shipping cap on international orders to help reduce excessive fees.

Do you have a printed catalogue?

No, because at Sandtopia we are committed to preserving the environment and the wellbeing of our native animals. If you are having difficulties or have friends or colleagues without access to the internet, then email us and other arrangements can be made.

Will you accept a purchase order or invoice from my school/organisation?

Yes. However you will need to order online to receive an Sandtopia order number and postage rate. Simply inform us in the additional comments section at checkout that it is a purchase order. Then simply email your purchase order or invoice number to us.

Australian based schools and businesses will require the following ABN: 62 022 169 916.

Do you sell sand?

We dont sell sand as it is too heavy to send through the post and would significant increase postage costs for customers. It also cannot be sent overseas due to customs regulations (even packaged moon sand or moulded sand).

Sand can be ready purchased from local nurseries or hardware stores, such as Bunnings. Just ask for washed river sand in whatever quantity you require (a standard sandtray is approx. 5-10kgs) Washed river sand is the better sand option as it is a softer texture, clean, and smells better than ordinary sand.  Just run it through a fine sifter before placing it in the tray to remove any excess gritty bits.  (Please note: it is illegal to remove sand from beaches in Australia so please buy your sand from reputable sources and help protect our environment.)

Where can I find out more about sandplay therapy and training courses?

STANZA – Sandplay TherapyAssociation of New Zealand and Australia. This is a new association for Australia so please support and encourage its development. www.stanza.asn.au

ISST – International Society for Sandplay Therapy. Based in Switzerland. It has some useful links and information. www.isst-society.com

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