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  • What number and colour will the ball end up on?  Realistic working replica and perfect representation for someone with gambling issues.
  • Set of two fake cigarettes for sand tray. Novelty cigarettes appear lit and measure actual size.
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    Set of six assorted miniature weapons for use in sand tray. Assortment will vary includes  large Sniper rifle/machine gun/rifle, handguns, knife and walkie talkie.
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    What shall we shine a light on?
  • Jizo vowed to protect all children and is often known to be a protective family deity. Peaceful looking statue.
  • This item is symbolic of Judaism and symbolic of faith.

    During WWII people of the Jewish faith were forced to wear this on their clothes and so it became also a symbol of oppression under a rule of tyranny.

  • A tiny bathroom scale for sandplay therapy. Clients with eating disorders and/or self-esteem issues may resonate with this mini.
  • Not So Big Buddha Box contains buddha, dorje, prayer wheel, mala beads, bell & treasure chest. All in tiny size, each one works. Comes with full story explaining the significance of each item and a brief story of Buddha.

  • A tiny scale of justice.  Perfect for someone going through any court proceedings. Can also represent balance, fairness, equality, equilibrium and equanimity.  
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    Charming glittery rainbow coming out of the clouds.  Great symbolism item as:  The rainbow can serve as a symbol of peace and serenity. These feelings are often evoked when looking at a rainbow which significantly are often seen after the rain when the sun is breaking through the clouds.  
  • Teen and adult clients will relate with this sign with states "Here" "There" and "Which" "Way?". Which path will they take?
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    Symbols evoke profound emotions and memories, often without our making rational or conscious connections,  providing short cuts to understandings, ideas and feelings.
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