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Your favourite super heroes and villains and favourite cartoon characters.

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    These quirky little characters are ideal for expressing feelings.  Perfect size for the sandtray or use  Fans of our picture book The Wrong Stone and the card set Stones …have feelings too! will be delighted to find some of the same characters coming to life in 3D form.
    • Which stone represents how you are feelings today?
    • Which stone is you on the outside and which is you on the inside?
    • Which stone would you like to be?
    • Would it help if you kept a stone in your pocket to remind you of the feelings you want to have or the person you want to be?
  • Aquaman

    Aquaman is the ruler of the Kingdom of Atlantis, the hidden city in the sea.  He combats the evil of the world side by side with his Justice League friends.
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    Azrael is a very mischievous cat and tries endlessly to catch the Smurfs with Gargamel.

  • Batman


    Batman doesn’t actually have superpowers, unlike other superheroes.

    Batman, the Dark Knight of Gotham City, has vowed to rid the city of crime. He flies through the night and fights all the menacing villains who want to seize power for themselves.

  • Batman is always ready to fight. While he clenches his fist and focuses on his goal, his cloak flags in the cold wind. Even tonight he must rid the city of merciless criminals.

  • Batman kneels ready to jump. Quietly he observes the criminals who threaten Gotham City, but in the next moment he will strike and fight his opponents by any means.
  • Will they be friends fighting together or foes fighting each other?  Superman possesses superpowers whereas Batman uses unimaginable techniques.
  • Practical, Fiddler and Fifal - which pig will get the most attention? How will the Wolf end up - great exploratory set
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    Book Smurf has all the answers and what he doesn't know he'll look up!
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    Brainy Smurf has all the answers!

  • Charlie is sad, like most of the time. He doesn't understand the world anymore although he did everything right this time. But once again, he is the loser... as always. Poor, poor Charlie Brown.

  • After searching the town looking for Cinderella,  Prince Charming finally finds her and asks for her hand in marriage.  Here we see her in her wedding dress.
  • Clown

    A silly and jolly clown waiting for a laugh - happy memories or is someone scared of the clown?
  • Clown

    A silly and jolly clown waiting for a laugh - happy memories or is someone scared of the clown?
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    Nice symbolic item of a smurf with a wine bottle.
  • The Dwarf Warrior is most ferocious and strong. Nobody but him is able to swing his huge battle-axe. He carries a sword and an axe, and they're both battle-ready. Help defeat the forces of evil with the Dwarf Warrior!
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