Sandplay kit (no animals)

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Some lovely Bullyland, Papo and Schleich figurines in this kit designed to complement your collection of symbols.  If you have a particular preference when there is a choice, please mention so in the notes and every endeavour will be made to fulfil your request.

Product Description

Have you already some animals in your collection and want to add some more symbols.  Here is a kit designed to do just that.  A mix of fantasy, spiritual, and adventure, this kit contains the following:

Family Set – European, Aboriginal/African, Asian, Southern European/South American

King & Queen

Prince & Princess or Jasmine & Ali or Cinderella & Prince Charming

Warrior – Futuristic or Historical

Knight & Horse


Treasure Chest or Cannon or Cannonballs

Ghost or Skeleton

Wizard or Magician

Wicked Witch or Maleficent or Wicked Queen

Enchantress or Fairy or Spanish Dancer

Centaur or other mythical creature

Unicorn or Pegasus







Superhero – Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman or other similar

Jizo in prayer or with heart or with flowers