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Ups and Downs Cards (St Lukes Innovative Resources)


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A text-free tool that uses evocative, vivid, thought-provoking images.Talk about feelings. Talk about strengths. Talk about life’s joys and struggles.

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Ups and Downs is a conversation-building tool featuring a naked (and very pink!) little fellow who lives the whole gamut of our emotions. Out on the water, he faces the immensity of life from an absurdly inadequate vessel, a bathtub. Ironically, it’s this very absurdity that gives the images their resonance. For when we are as naked and vulnerable as ‘Everyperson’, it is often then that we discover surprising strengths within ourselves.

This card set is ideal for therapeutic conversations about coping with change and how we might hold on to hope and clarity when the fog descends.

great for everyone–from age 4 to 100.
54 full-colour laminated cards, 95mm x 135mm
Polypropylene box and 32-page booklet


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Weight 0.40 kg
Dimensions 14 × 3 × 10 cm
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