Garden Troll


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This 100-year-old isolated, grumpy, unsightly troll lives under the oldest bridge of the forest…..who will be brave enough to cross it?

Wiggle him into the dirt, gravel, moss and grasses, or mulch in your fairy gardens, terrariums, and other miniature scenes, and watch this troll bring your miniature scene to life!

Do keep in mind, however, that miniature scenes come in all sizes. Some are big and some are quite small. Be sure to check the measurements of this item to confirm whether it will complement your miniature project.

Out of stock


With a menacing grin and eyes of trickery, this decrepit, wrinkly, blue-gray creature shows his grungy teeth, sitting hunched forward with his lanky, pointy nose facing downward, and his long, witch-like claw hands in eerie positions.

Made of resin.

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Weight 0.33 kg
Dimensions 3.5 × 3 × 4.5 cm
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