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  • Delve deep into hidden tombs beneath undiscovered pyramids and reveal the secrets of Ancient Egypt! This Toob includes Nefertiti, Bastet, King Tutankhamen, Isis, an amulet, a mummy case, a scarab, the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Thoth, Anubis and a hieroglyph of Ra.  
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    The Dragon King is an impressive sight in his armour decorated with gold trim. He holds his lance out in front of him and is ready for the tournament which he is sure to win as he is courageous and trains hard every day.    
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    The Dragon King Horse is an impressive sight in his decorated armour to match his King. He is ready for his knight to ride him into battle.    
    • This pirate is always looking for treasure!    Argh! You don't want to mess with Captain Thomas Red Beard Crowe!
  • This soldier has a crossbow ready to fire at you!

  • Take part in an epic medieval adventure complete with magic, witchcraft, and sprawling kingdoms! Our Days of Old Designer Toob contains 6 figurines, including Magnus the wizard, Medea the witch, Queen Sofia, King Alfred, Princess Juliet and Prince Patrick.
  • The Dwarf Warrior is most ferocious and strong. Nobody but him is able to swing his huge battle-axe. He carries a sword and an axe, and they're both battle-ready. Help defeat the forces of evil with the Dwarf Warrior!
  • Charming set includes, King, Queen, Princess, Wizard and Frog - set the imagination on fire :)  
  • Gladiators fought for the entertainment of the crowds in Ancient Rome. By fighting in the arena, gladiators could gain favor and became celebrities in their time. The sport of gladiators lasted for almost 1,000 years. Gladiators were often slaves or criminals, but sometimes were volunteers who willingly participated. If they fought well in the games, they would gain recognition and become celebrities similar to the movie stars or professional athletes of today. They were often depicted in art and other objects, and sometimes even had endorsement deals for products just like modern sports stars.
  • Hook

    This pirate resembles Captain Hook from Peter Pan.
  • Beautifully detailed knight complete with armor, shield and sword ready to strike!

  • Nice small statue of Jesus with a red heart - symbolising love
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    As a king, Alfred keeps the well-being of his people as his top priority.   He is a wise king who listens to his subjects.
  • King With Gold Sceptre is dressed in his finest royal robes ready to give his speech.
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    What a wonderful horse.  Dressed entirely in black, the knight in black armour and his horse attack their enemy's castle.
  • Legionnaires were heavy infantry men for the Roman Army and served until they were 45.
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